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Relax–and enjoy your wedding day. With years of specialized wedding photography experience, we can help you lower the stress and maximize the fun.

We'll capture all the images of your family and friends, as well as unexpected candids, unique details, and creative opportunities. 

Lynds Photo is located in Lafayette, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We photograph weddings all over the Bay Area and beyond!

We love hearing from you! Give us a call at (925)962-0180 and tell us what you have in mind. We have a very large portfolio of images and albums representing the most popular wedding venues in the Bay Area. A visit to our studio is very worth while and encouraged. 

Our Team

We are a team of highly experienced photographers. Lynds Photo has been continuously in business, specializing in wedding photography for over 55 years. Most of our photographers have individually photographed hundreds of weddings over the years, yet continue to adapt to the latest styles and techniques.
Keith Lynds—Owner

My father, Robert Lynds, started Lynds Photo (then known as Bob Lynds Photography) in 1945, in Berkeley, California. Over the years, he never wavered from his goal of providing the best wedding photography to all Bay Area Brides and Grooms.

Today, I continue what he started so long ago. While I rely on our team of dedicated professional wedding photographers to capture our brides' and grooms' memories, I now provide the perfect add-on video service to round out our offerings.


I grew up in Lafayette, CA and considered it home when living somewhere else. My family is very artistic and I grew up shooting pictures – I’ve always loved it, and always received compliments on my work. In 2001, I became a photographer’s assistant at YJM Photography where I studied the art of photography under Yves Mozlesio. This was real life training and I shot over 35 weddings with Yves.

Taking on a select number of weddings per year, I combine a traditional approach to my style and shoot candidly at the reception, giving what I term, “the perfect balance” of images that clients want.

While each wedding is different, the basic principles of shooting wedding images remain the same. I am consistently producing high quality images that are colorful, bright and in sequence telling the story. My images are not trendy, but timeless and technically worthy of preserving your memories forever. Using beautifully posed and exposed formal family images and soft romantic candids, the couples story becomes easy to tell.

In 2005, I shot my first Bar Mitzvah. I had such a wonderful experience that I began to focus my business. I enjoy the role of family historian, capturing family portrait during such a momentous event. A mentor once said that everyone should exist in photographs, and I believe that. It is not just for us, it is for our children, and their children. The amount of study required for a Bar Mitzvah is a serious undertaking; the acceptance of the religious responsibilities of an adult is a true milestone. I consider it an honor to record that accomplishment.


Robin has an attraction to all things lovely, a desire to create beauty, a love of theatre, melodic music, and romantic films. He takes inspiration from everything around him— art, books, photographers he admires, real life events and small features of everyday life. Robin adores families coming together, a perfect dress hanging, the small intimate items of a wedding, but most importantly, he embraces the privilege to capture these moments and details for you! Currently in his 12th year of photographing both eastern and western weddings, He still retains the love and excitement for every event. Robin has experience shooting weddings inside and outside of California and travel has always added to the allure for him. He is creative, resourceful, dependable, artistic and very adaptable to style or circumstance— his photography can easily shift between intimate and formal, however his preference lies with the candid and contemporary. Robin is easy to work with and prides himself in the ability to work without being intrusive so you may enjoy your day with minimal interruption! Before picking up a camera Robin’s main intent lies in establishing a relationship with you—sharing your visions and designs, and to listen to your ideas, questions and concerns. The engagement session is a great way to begin to connect so when your wedding day arrives, you can look forward to already being in a comfortable and trusting place, anticipating the excitement that awaits you, your family, and your friends on your special day!



I have long had a passion for art, specifically photography. When I was young I was fascinated by my Grandfather's Nikomat camera. My closest childhood friend's father had what I thought was the coolest camera and case. I loved all the gear and gadgets that went into creating images with a camera. As a little kid I recall having an old Kodak Brownie in my toy collection and then on my 8th birthday I received a Kodak Instamatic. To be honest I believe I may have been a little disappointed. I had a camera, it was old, but I had one. I think I was lobbying more for a BB gun on that birthday. However this gift turned out to inspire me.

Years later my father sold the family station wagon and took the proceeds and purchased my family's first 35 mm camera. That did it, I was hooked! I took that camera everywhere and probably cost my father a ton in film and processing taking images of anything and everything. Then came time for my senior portraits, something that I had looked forward to for years. This is what turned my interest to portraiture. I loved the whole process.

After graduating high school I attended college thinking I would one day work towards an engineering degree. This seemed like a logical idea. In reality I wanted to a photographer but in my head I thought, "That's not a job, it's a fantasy. Being a photographer isn't a career it's a hobby. Being an engineer, that's a career." I was right and wrong, being a photographer is a fantasy and not a real job, but it is a career. It is the fantasy, non-real job, that has been my career for nearly 25 years! Anyway, after college I attended the Art Institute of Seattle and I earned a degree in Commercial Photography. After graduation I was fortunate to find a job with a local photo studio Redmond, WA. Here I learned my craft, and my passion for wedding photography, and portraiture grew. I was able to meet wonderful people that turned into fantastic clients and friends. I was given the opportunity to get to know and document their lives through my photography. I have clients that I photographed as babies, then high school seniors, then weddings, etc. It is a mind-blowing experience that I so very much cherish! I went on to run, manage and eventually own the studio. I am honored anytime I am able to photograph a wedding. It is such a special moment in time. I love what I do and I am dedicated to making your wedding photos unique and special works of art, worthy of viewing by future generations.


I started my adventure as a Photographer 21 years ago when my first child was born. It was then, that I discovered my passion in the art of photography, which has inspired me to become a family portrait photographer.

My portrait style is traditional and timeless, capturing moments is essential however posing and lighting is key and I have an extensive background and value every moment a family spends together, so I'm always anticipating and capturing the moments. My belief is the best images are the ones that feel natural to the client, with a little of my fine-tuning.

In my spare time, I love to work in the garden, enjoy my farm-style home which is full of too many animals, spend time with my children and husband who has always encouraged and believed in me as a photographer.

Oh! I should mention I love to release a hearty laugh and have no problem putting people at ease, beautiful photography starts with the relationships between the photographer and you!


When Tami was young, she would find tins of old photos at her grandmother's house and spend hours and hours looking at the pictures of the people who made her family so very special. Now that she has a family of her own, she spends time documenting their life as well as the milestones of others' lives. Her passion for her clients and art have landed her features in major publications such as the Huffington post weddings.  Aside from photographing weddings and spending time with her family, she likes to read, cook, and sew pretty things for her girls.


Eliot has been a Bay Area photographer for over twenty-five years. His primary areas of expertise are event (wedding & party) photography and portraiture. His first book (The Everything Photography Book, Adams Media, 2003) was a how-to book for amateurs. He also teaches classes in lighting and posing to Bay Area professional photographers, and judges print competitions for two Bay Area professional photography organizations.

Eliot is a master of traditional photography, with an emphasis on lighting and posing that brings out the best features of the subject. Eliot says, “Photography, like life, is all about relationships. We have to get a sense of who the people are, and how they feel, and how they feel in relation to their loved ones.”

Masterful lighting is the hallmark of Eliot's photography, along with the sense that the viewer can truly connect with the people in his images.

Since 2011, Eliot has been photographer for calendars and books published by Andrews McMeel Publishing and Sourcebooks. His photo books and calendars have been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in People Magazine, and even on the BBC.


Yves' unobtrusive photojournalistic style captures the spontaneity of the moment and tells the complete story of a couple's wedding day.

As one event professional explained, "You look at Yves' albums and they tell a beautiful story. Not all photographers remember to take pictures of the site, all the important details, candid pictures of guests in addition to the bridal party. I think this is very important. His work is absolutely beautiful. He puts so much thought into the pictures he takes. Yves truly aims for perfection."

Yves has been photographing weddings and other events since 1990. He has photographed in some of San Francisco's and the Bay Area's leading hotel and reception sites. His award-winning photographs have been exhibited nationally in galleries and museums. Over the years, his wedding images have been published in numerous bridal publications including South Asian Bride, The Knot, and Modern Bridal Magazine.


I started photographing weddings in 1994. Although styles and expectations have changed since I started, my basic philosophy hasn’t. That is to find out what my client wants or likes and strive to accomplish their desires. I believe good communication and attitude is an important part of wedding photography. Along with good lighting, posing and creativity.


Natasha was fortunate to grow up in Hawaii where she developed her passion for exploring the natural world; spending countless days on the water and exploring the beautiful mountains. This was also the place she developed her passion of photography. Given a film camera as a child and then a DSLR as a teen she shot everything and everyone around her. And is there a better backdrop than beautiful Hawaii? She earned a double degree in Biology Conservation and Photography from the University of Washington in Seattle. Throughout her undergraduate career she had the opportunity to merge her two areas of interest, ecology and art, and to pursue outdoor recreation with the intention of sharing her passion and concern for the natural world with others. She has traveled all over the world with her outdoor guiding professional and has found her home in Santa Cruz. She loves to play in the ocean and woods and is constantly inspired by all the natural beauty and wonderful people around her.

Natasha has been shooting professionally for eleven years and shoots it all. She does weddings, senior pictures, model portraits, engagements, proposals, outdoor adventure, events, martial arts, dance, and maternity. She loves being able to anticipate the important moments to capture forever. She sees photography as treasure hunting; one sifts through the area to find the best shot, the best pose, the best location, and when one finds it, its like you've struck gold! But the real treasure is when the clients see the photos and get to remember those moments in new ways. To witness the happiness is one of the reasons why she loves photographing people's special moments in life.

Her style is photojournalistic, timeless, and authentic. Another very big part of her photography process is getting to know the people she is working with. She puts endless amounts of energy into helping them ease into their own beautiful skin and create photos that are natural and awe inspiring. She loves to work with all sorts of people with different backgrounds because everyone brings something new to the table. She can't wait to work with you!


While born along California's central coast, I grew up overseas, which fostered my love of travel, adventure, and sharing stories and experiences with others. Being part of a traveling family, we had many cameras and definitely enjoyed photography. It wasn't until 2011, when my wife and I took an extended cross-country road trip to take a break from our daily grind, that I took a deep dive into photographing our life. I starting working as a full-time photographer in 2013. I primarily photograph events and portraits but also dabble in product, fashion, and landscape photography.

I use a candid/photojournalistic approach and offer occasional direction. I strive to create photos that are authentic and reflect everything that makes you awesome with minimum fuss. While I'm driven to capture moments that you will wish to revisit for a lifetime, I also wish to promote a fun and relaxed wedding-day environment and process that allows you to enjoy the whole experience with your friends and family.

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